Our partners

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To maintain a solid and consistent relationship with our customers
and keep close contact with their respective industries,
we associate our brand with prestigious competitions
that reward the skill and merit of their contestants.
We seek to support those who are passionately committed to these long-term efforts,
to help them give the very best of themselves.

The Bocuse d’Or 2013

The Bragard brand has been a member of the Bocuse d'Or since the Paul Bocuse started the competition in 1987. Gilles Bragard was ranked among the founding members of the Bocuse d'Or. We have always been proud to dress commis, chefs, coaches, board members and even the competition’s President, who has greatly contributed to the international reputation of our brand.

The Pastry World Cup 2013

Similarly, the Bragard brand is Official Member of the World Cup of Pastry since its creation in 1989 by Mr Gabriel Paillasson. Pastry is  particularly dear to our discipline, as it is commonly considered the haute-couture of gastronomy, whereas the Bragard brand represents the haute-couture of workwear. As such, Bragard never misses an opportunity to put Pastry Chefs on the pedestal they deserve.

The International Catering Cup 2013

The International Catering Cup is the newest of Sirha’s international competitions, and we are one of its Exclusive Partners. The catering industry was among Bragard’s very first customers, so it seemed natural for us to lend our support to this contest, which has been dedicated to them ever since its premiere in 2008.

We are also partners of the Association of the Bocuse d'Or Winners, which includes all the winners of the Bocuse d'Or since its inception. This Academy of Winners was created to not only preserve the excellence of cuisine around the world, but also to strengthen the network of talent exposed by this international contest.