Your profession wears Bragard

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At Bragard, we share the same philosophy of perfection with our customers.
We are uncompromising in our fabric quality, manufacturing process, and stylistic elegance.


Our collections

Kitchen and gastronomy

The tumult of a kitchen during a dinner rush is a challenge daily renewed. The clothes in our catalogue are constructed from supple and breathable fabrics that are easy to maintain and built for the extreme situations you face on a daily basis.


The waiters and waitresses are the visible team and front of your business, and that is something we understand and keep in mind when designing their outfits. Our stylists have created for them a whole range of modern and dynamic uniforms, perfectly communicating the flawless service you offer your clients.


In the hotel business, it is all about the atmosphere of the location, for which your employees’ esprit de corps is pivotal. Matching uniforms conforming to the image of your resort brings coherence to service and enhances both the team spirit of all your staff members and the satisfaction of your customers.

Catering professions

The specific issue of catering is that the people responsible for dealing directly with the customer are also required to deal with food preparation and distribution. We have taken this issue into account with our “Métiers de bouche” collection -- built from the first steps of our company, when the Parisian Butcher’s Apron was created -- with outfits designed for bakers, pastry chefs and caterers. Maintaining an awareness of the realities of regional work, we have created a whole range of professional jackets, accompanied with a matching chasuble.


The small details -- ones that the customer does not necessarily see -- make all the difference. Our catalogue therefore includes all the basic elements necessary to your professional outfit: server’s shoes, suited to constant standing; safety shoes; low-temperature t-shirts; chef’s hats; tea towels; etc.

Our collection’s three tiers 

Our reorganized catalogue displays our collections in three tiers, for more clarity.

Clothes labelled in red are the best the workwear industry has to offer, offering the combination of top-quality fabrics and superior tailoring that has built our reputation. These items have been conceived and created for the very best.

The silver labels mark our intermediary range. Combining innovative style with elaborate technical specifications, these garments are designed for the wearers to be at their best.

The blue labels offer a very good price-to-quality ratio, with modern and practical collections: an excellent gateway into the Bragard universe.