Our product commitment

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Our brand has never swayed from the quality standards it has had from its inception, even situated as it is within the rapidly-changing, highly industrialized textile sector. Our company is known for taking advantage of the consistent technological progress of the textile industry, and for evolving as fashion does. Innovation and quality are two key concepts for the Bragard brand: concepts that govern our product commitment.

Quality is in our DNA

Since the 1930s, we have never hesitated to put our know-how “à la française” at your service. To give you the best, we carefully select all the elements of each of our garments, with the same care taken by a Chef when he selects the ingredients used in his menu.

A classic example of this aspect of our brand is the Pima Premium 0076, a fabric made from the finest combed cotton in the world, woven in the heart of the Vosges. Silky and strong, it owes its exceptional quality to its long fibres. It is the raw material of our top-end kitchen jackets, which includes our flagship garment: La Grand Chef.

Designed in 1976 with the contribution of Mr Paul Bocuse, La Grand Chef is our classic item par excellence. With its 5-thread fastening, tied-off stitches for the most distressed locations, and handmade buttons, it has become in the collective imagination the uniform of the greatest Chefs in the world.

Our dual approach to innovation

As we continually strive to offer the best to our customers, our research department finds and tests the latest textile innovations: intelligent fibres, efficient maintenance-resistant fabrics, treatments for fabrics and more, meeting the demands and specifications of the industry in question…

Our stylists dwell on the cutting edge of trends in prêt-à-porter and textile research & development to create modern collections that are in tune with the times. This quest is a source of motivation for our employees, and gives our customers access to the most efficient products possible.

The synergy from this spirit of technical/stylistic innovation and our historic know-how exists in our past, present and future tenses. Today, we are proud to clothe the children and grandchildren of our very first customers, and to uphold our customers daily as they practice their beautiful professions.