Your personalized attire

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With our custom service,
we bring the finishing touch that makes your Bragard garment even more exclusive.

• Embroidery

Our expertise in embroidery renders to perfection, and in every detail, the range of colours and the lines of logos or words that you want to affix to your clothing. Thick and thin strokes, curves, straight lines, gradations, optical illusions, shadows, relief, contours... anything that you draw or write, we can reproduce it with a needle and thread.

• The Meilleur Ouvrier de France embroidery

Exclusively for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France,
the MOF embroidery complements the famous
blue, white and red collar originally designed and developed
by Gilles Bragard and Paul Bocuse.

• Silkscreen printing

We also offer you a silkscreen printing option. The latest innovations in the printing field allow for extremely accurate details on fabrics. This technique is more economical than embroidery and can be useful when your production schedule is tight, especially during promotional events.

• Alteration service

Finally, we naturally have our own alteration service. We hem your trousers so they fit impeccably, giving you the comfort you need every day to be your best.

For further technical and pricing information, please feel free to ask your Bragard representative for advice, or call our sales department: +33 3 29 69 10 10.