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For over thirty years, designers and tailors of our Épinal workshop have been creating uniforms with the utmost care for staff members of luxury hotels and palaces around the world.

From the boutique hotel to the international hotel chain, from palaces to cruise ships, we dress your entire staff with an exclusive uniform collection, matching the unique, high-end character of your establishment.

Style, quality, know-how: these are the promises made by Bragard, promises that make us again and again the undisputed benchmark for your profession.

Your custom-made collection

Our couturiers design uniforms for you that are in line with your brand image and the ambience of your establishment, but also comfortable and functionally appropriate for each of your employees. Our Research & Development department also takes all technical developmental aspects into account, from the wearer’s duties to your region’s climate.

Our design department comes up with several profiles consistent with your identity and assist you in choosing the final prototypes. Our proposals also include the finishing details (matching buttons, braids and lining), in a persistent effort to provide you with the exact wardrobe you had in mind, down to every detail.

To learn more about our hotel offers, please download our brochure.

Our custom-made service

We, at Bragard, make a point of honor to provide you with premium service (comparable to the service you provide your clients with) that illuminates each step of creating your collection. Quality checks are performed throughout the whole production process, and final inspection is carried out on the finished products before shipment in our Épinal workshops.

We offer you a single point of contact and on-site service, regardless of your location, to best serve a harmonious partnership. With a network of more than 70 vendors, 10 subsidiaries spread across the globe, and a crack team dedicated to your area, we carry out consulting, measurements, distribution, and making any replacements that may be needed.

Given that the Bragard brand is synonymous with prestige and quality, our customers in the luxury hotel trade have reaffirmed their confidence in us year after year, a testament to the expertise of our company. The loyalty shown to us is largely the result of this philosophy of excellence that we share with our clients.

You can contact our Luxury Hotel service by calling +33 3 29 69 10 17, by email, or by mail:

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