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A unique jacket for an exceptional Chef!

“Bragard jackets have been part of my kitchen lifefor many years now...
I have to wear a jacket that’s both comfortable and feminine.
Jointly with the Maison Bragard we designed and made a special jacket called LADY PIC.
An ideal union allying elegance and professionalism!”



Anne-Sophie Pic, le restaurant ***
Maison PIC, l’Hôtel *****
Le 7
Daily PIC
L’Epicerie d’Anne-Sophie Pic

La Dame de PIC *

Anne-Sophie Pic au Beau Rivage

a jacket that measures up to your requirements! 

The LADY PIC jacket came into being after meeting and undertaking a beautiful partnership with the three-star Chef Anne-Sophie PIC.
The LADY PIC and its shirt collar is a sparkling union of elegance and professionalism which is voluntarily feminine without sacrificing any technical requirements of the greatest Chef jackets.
It’s made out of two resistant fabrics allying the sophistication of a professional kitchen jacket and the comfort of a ready-towearblouse.
Bragard combined the PIMA PREMIUM cotton, a fabric solely made in the Vosges (for the front part and the sleeves) with a technical knitting design by Natura® (for the back of the jacket), thus guaranteeing optimum comfort when moving around.


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Following a wonderful meeting with the Maison
Bragard’s creative team, we decided to work
together to create a cooking jacket line for
both men and women, allying the best fabrics,
excellence and daily comfort.
CréaByFarah therefore has the pleasure to
exclusively present you with her capsule collection,
elegant and refined made alongside with, and for
“An autodidact in the design and fashion world,
it was my passion that led me to draw my first
sketches …”

Farah BENALLAL, Founder of CréaByFarah
& Director of « Akrame**» restaurant,
Paris (16th arrondissement)