Our social commitment

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Personal health, environmental care and labour protection
are our main concerns in the Fristads Kansas Group.
Our efforts in this area are centralized within
a dedicated CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department.

Our commitment to health

We make it a point of honour to maintain a close relationship with our suppliers based on communication and honesty, so that we can systematically ensure that none of the materials we use in our clothing contain substances that could be harmful to the wearer.

Our uniforms are all compliant with the REACH regulation, which controls the import of chemicals into Europe. The vast majority of our fabrics proudly display the OEKO TEX label, which is only issued to textile companies whose products meet a strict set of chemical requirements. This label guarantees the clothes are 100% nontoxic, meaning total safety for the user. 

Our environmental efforts

Our business does not generate industrial waste. Our cartons and boxes are made of recycled cardboard. We sort and recycle ink and toner cartridges, as well as all packaging waste (cardboard and plastic films), which we compact ourselves to facilitate its elimination.

Our responsibilities as an employer

Bragard and its parent company, Fristads Kansas Group, belong to the "Fair Wear Foundation," whose members, all clothing-producing companies, are committed to ensuring the best possible working conditions for their employees.

This approach translates into a series of specific commitments, including:

  • Free choice of employment
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Freedom of association at work and the right to collectively bargain
  • Minimum wage
  • Set and respected working hours
  • Health and safety guarantee in the workplace.


We strictly follow all these requirements
and very intent on integrating them into our company policy.


Respect for both the earth and its people is the major challenge of our time,
and we are pleased to significantly participate in this global movement,
with a civic commitment and responsibility that leaves no room for compromise.
For more information on our sustainable development policy,
please visit the dedicated page on the Fristads Kansas Group corporate website.